First Lady President
 is Inder Dan Ratnu's latest but not quite recent book.

It was conceived back in the year 2000 on the day when Mr George W Bush was declared 'elected' as the president of USA .

It was written from in May 2003 , edited until September 2003 and its first edition was published by Terraplane Publications ,South Carolina,USA in May 2004. It’s second (revised)edition was self published by the author  in India in March ,2007 and then its third edition (the same as the second) was published by Iuiverse,USA in first quarter of 2008.

First Lady President was written in the past tense, but in fact it was a vision into the future. A fictional take on a full US presidential election campaign of a woman candidate and her eventual victory in the election by a record margin clinched through picking an african American man as her running mate .It followed by a record gathering of over a million people at their inauguration at the capitol hill in the day followed in turn by an interesting and an unusual celebration in the night .

First Lady President is ,in fact ,an intellectual gift of India to the American people in the form of a book. It has been deliberately devised by its author, a common man of India, to lift up through liberty, and thus promote the cause of women and african american folks both competing for the most powerful post of the world -- the presidency of the United States of America. It is though an "imaginary" story, yet can well serve to boost up the morale of those who in the USA want to and are working for promoting the cause and for heightening the prospects of these two largely ignored (in respect to the presidency) but unignorable, powerful sections of American society. And it did serve to do so in the  2008 presidential election.

Authored by an Indian -- Inder Dan Ratnu from Rajasthan state -- and edited by an American --Michael Burchett of South Carolina state -- First Lady President is a supreme example of Indo-American intellectual collaboration in the internet age between two individual common citizens of the two greatest democracies located on the opposite sides of the globe to each other. This might well emerge as interesting a work among the political fictions of the world as is the emergence of the personality of Hillary Clinton among the political celebrities of the USA -- absolutely unique and unparallelled.Thus two common citizens of two greatest democracies -- representing both the East and the West in this cyber age -- have successfully collaborated for the promotion of the cause OF FREEDOM, FOR FREEDOM and BY FREEDOM -- to churn out a work named First Lady President.


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Total Pages :- 273


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