A college graduate in agricultural science, 60-year-old Inder Dan Ratnu is a writer, poet, cartoonist, agriculturist, banker, and a scientist. Born in a peasant family to poor parents in a village called Barath Ka Gaon near to Pokaran in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, a western State of India, he served for 23 years as an officer in the Bank of India. Brilliant and meritorious in his studies, Inder Dan Ratnu stood as one of the toppers throughout his academic career .His hobbies and deep interest, despite his formal college education in agricultural science, drove him towards literature. Belonging to a local bard community called Charan or Gadhvi, he has a natural inclination in letters and words. He in due course developed a good interest in history, politics, languages, literature, poetry, and writing. He improved his English and expanded the horizons of his knowledge through constantly hearing BBC radio and watching the BBC TV channel. His interest grew over the years in world events and American politics. But a great turn in his life's interest came back in 1974 when he stumbled upon an odd book titled Great War Speeches, which was a collection of Winston Churchill's speeches. He then studied the life of Churchill and even his written work Second World War. He has since been lecturing on "Churchill& Freedom" at various venues and among different audiences, specifically schools and colleges. A good number of pieces of the best war speeches of Churchill are at the command of Ratnu's memory. Subsequently, he authored four books, two on Winston Churchill. In the Finest Hour journal of The Churchill Center, Washington, USA (edition106, page32), he has been acknowledged as the only writer of India since 1944 who has authored two books on Churchill.He has the privilege of getting personal compliments of five American Presidents and as many British PMs for his first book on Churchill. He also wrote two books on current American politics with a futuristic angle . First Lady President is his latest book.

Ratnu also served in the late eighties as private secretary to the late Mr. B K Gadhvi, a union minister in the cabinet of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The author's works on American politics are not based upon "institutional" but "intuitional" knowledge following a long study of the subject matter and the characters involved. His earlier writings on American politics have been vindicated in the past by the real events. A number of things visualized in First Lady President came true in the US presidential election 2008 including the author’s instinctive premonition that the book could in fact “influence” a presidential election since Obama used it to defeat Hillary Clinton in primaries and then to win the presidential election. Inder Dan Ratnu is a maverick author . His narratives have been put down with a characteristic boldness, fearlessness and with a profound grasp of the issues. Articulate and honest, he can be considered as one of the most imaginative authors in the field of modern political fiction in India and may be in the whole world.

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