My story is as ‘fiction like’ and as bizarre as my political fiction  First Lady President is  which I wrote back in May 2003 and revised it at the beginning of 2006. It ran over 275 pages.It was republished by Iuniverse ,USA in early  2008. 

First Lady President was a US presidential election story  which projected/depicted the rise of  a white lady-a former First Lady and  senator from NewYork  named Beverly Hilton  and an African American man named Charak Sudama a senator from Illinois  as serious rival candidates in democratic party , later only to join as the presidential and vice- presidential running mates respectively .In the story they defeated the republican party with record margin and at their inauguration a record breaking crowd of over one million people gathered at the Capitol Hill ceremony. Incidentally , the republican party fielded a ‘military man’ and a ‘white lady’ as presidential and vice presidential candidates in the story of the book . 

I (Inder Dan Ratnu) wrote this story while sitting at my home at Jaipur-the pinkcity of India .And it was edited by an American named Michael Burchett a resident of Greenville city of South Carolina . Best of all , I did not know  this man –my editor except through internet. I had discovered him following a systematic campaign of sending literally thousands of emails . I have never seen his face even up until now .Amazingly , on my special request he did this entire job for me WITHOUT CHARGING A SINGLE PENNY following a long persuading effort .Having   found me unable to find a suitable publisher for this intellectual work Michael  went so far as to float and found  his own publishing company Terraplane Publications in order to give this book a printed shape back in September 2003. He did everything he could to bring up and promote this book for  years . In fact , Michael Burchet did everything within his power that I asked him during the past ten years including the editing and  publication of my earlier book on American politics entitled The Ultimate Defense – again  a ‘fiction’ (But using the real names )on Lewinsky scandal predicting the full scale impeachment of president Clinton and his survival through an extraordinary apology to American people but only through an extraordinary speech before the congress.This in itself is an incredible story how a common man of India the author while sitting at his home wrote out these two books and how this absolutely unknown American introduced through internet helped him edit and publish these two intellectual works on the highest current American politics with a futuristic angle .

With a few copies of the book First Lady President  in my hand  I ventured on my first ever foreign visit    to  USA  and made an unsuccessful attempt to market this book during the presidential election 2004. During that trip I presented a copy of this book to a US congressman Joseph Crawley from NY and also to the president of Queens borough Helen Marshall. I am having both of these photos in my record too .(Pl go to   . See the link on top right about my NY visit 2004 photos.)
Meanwhile , I revised the book in the first quarter  of 2006 and selfpublished in India in 2007.Then I got it republished   in USA at the beginning of 2008 by another publisher –Iuniverse (while fully retaining  rights to republish it through another publisher if I wished to )by paying fee.  I again proceeded to USA  during presidential election 2008 in order to see the difference between my imagination and the reality as also to promote my book. I  took part in the election process as an independent observer  for full six months until the election was over . I was  present at both the parties’ conventions at Denver and St Paul respectively ..I showed this book to a number of media persons and presented one copy each   to two governors at the democratic party convention ,Denver in which Mr Obama was nominated – the governors of Ohio and Virginia states(I am having the photos with them ) . I also presented a copy to Congressman Anthony Weiner of NY during this visit (evidencial photo is in my possession). 

Earlier , before and after the revision for  both the versions I had tried all the literary agents and publishers in US ,India and UK  for a number of times . But none of the literary agents I approached showed any interest in the book as they thought the 'subject matter' was dull .Most of the publishers I approached had similarly passed it and refused to even have a look at it because of the subject matter .Only one or two among so many numbers  I approached cared to read it and they rejected on the ground of  “language.” The “imaginativeness of the story” and now as it seems  “ALMOST accurate prediction” part they completely chose to  ignore.

While I was at NewYork I visited the election office of Hillary Clinton near to Grand Central station which was located at suite 3030, 420  Lexington Ave , NY . I met who apparently was the lady incharge over there . Her name was Mary deBree( Director of Outreach) . Her then Cell number was  : 347-322-8448  . At that time Hillary Clinton and Obama were running almost neck to neck in the primaries with slight edge for Obama. I was introduced by an Indian friend of mine –one of the founding members of Indo-American Intellectual Forum Mr Ramesh Gathoria(Tel: 718-888-7804) who took me there to the lady as the author of First Lady President who had forseen years in advance in the form of a full book the rise of a lady and an African American man in US presidential contest .The lady incharge offered us chairs in response .But I noted with interest that the lady was not much impressed as if it was very ordinary thing . It did not take me much time to sense that she could be “incharge” of the office but she lacked the grasping power of the gravity of the thoughtful work I had devised which was evident from her later behavior too . She was told by me that there were two vital points in the form of two full parts of one very important chapter in the book”Democratic  convention and Beverly Hilton’s nomination acceptance speech.” That those were, in fact , two major speeches the biggest ones in the book .Although the book centered around the lady character , I told, but the longest speech in the book was that of the African American man-almost 'double' the size of the lady's longest speech (nomination acceptance speech)which followed the former. So great an importance had been given  by me to the African American man in this book . And the speech  was based upon a very very vital point –“anti-war”  theme .The whole speech .And that it  was this speech which impressed everybody including the presidential nominee the lady who  decided to pick him up as her running mate (in the story of the book ) on the basis of that speech .  The latter part was the nomination acceptance speech of the lady candidate and it was based upon a theme called “CHANGE.” In fact , in order to emphasize the point  the climax of the speech ,which  was the crux of the speech too, was put in bold letters. It was the only ‘major’ two sentenced  portion of the speech that had been highlighted by putting in bold letters .It said , “If I return to the White House, it will not be a mere CHANGE of the gender of the officeholder.It will be a genuine CHANGE in the life of the American people.”

 Therefore , I emphasized upon the lady incharge of Hillary Clinton’s office that those two points- “anti-war stand” and “call for change” were “ very powerful” in deed and that precisely those two points Obama was using to prove his superiority over her. Their other policies were similar to each other . That on the basis of those two points“Obama  could well DEFEAT Hillary .” But to my own amusement and amazement  the lady incharge was  listening to my point just half heartedly .She told me she frankly thought she knew American politics better than I did . She took a copy of my book and promised to send it to her “higher-ups” which after just a few days  she returned to me through mail . She did not appear to pay much attention to me or my book , I noted,and she was disinterested to continue the conversation with me .Therefore , me and my friend rose from our seats and returned to our quarters .I wondered if anyone had gone through the book thoroughly in Hillary’s camp! I am sure no one did  . If any one did start reading it he/she must have got deterred reading further by the very opening  chapter which was full of sex scene and obscenity involving the lady candidate .While their country boasted of being the champion of freedom perhaps they could not tolerate  ,much less appreciate,that an author of another ‘free’ country could well  imagin their presidents or presidential candidates absolutely naked and doing all that the common people all over the world were doing daily .To me the officials of Hillary did not seem  serious at all .They simply were interested in drawing their salaries that Hillary was paying them so handsomely .If anyone was serious about it or had any goodwill for her he or she should have brought the book to  the personal notice of Hillary Clinton immediately and what, a supporter of her who had come all the way by crossing oceans and continents, was contending or advising . The behavior of Hillary’s office incharge was arrogant and foolish . She thought no one could think better than she did ,particularly if the person pushing the argument was from a foreign country . This was where she was proved absolutely wrong by the following events . Obama defeated Hillary precisely and decisively on the basis of those two major points and those two major points only. I am still having the card of the lady in my possession as an evidence that I did visit the office of Hillary .

What I did not tell Hillary official was the fact that this book was already in the possession of Mr Obama .I had sent the book to him on 25th April 2007 as a goodwill gesture within one month of his announcing his candidacy since there was a character called Charak Sudama (an African American man ) an ‘Indian’ sounding name but similar to his own who became vice-presidential running mate in the story of the book .
Not only that ,Obama seemed to have issued a major foreign policy statement which was rooted into the very “anti-war” speech of the African American man in the book .It seemed so .Obama’s statement that he would negotiate with Iran , Syria and North Korea “without preconditions” appear to have sprung directly from the only highlighted (emboldened)  portion of that speech which happens to be the longest highlighted portion of the book. The portion in point was :

“If we can be  ‘friendly’ with Libya without a regime change , why can’t we be friendly with Syria ?If we can well put up with Saudi Arabia with its fanatic leanings and reliance upon an ancient style of autocracy and be their ‘ally,’ why can’t we then put up with the fanatics of Iran?Why can’t we be at least ‘friendly’ to them if not allies ?Or at least avoid dealing with them as ‘enemies.’” It further says,(without bold letters) “We should take  diplomatic initiatives to rectify the situation in respect to all these regions-so called ‘axis of evil’ members including North Korea.”

 I wonder if Obama had actually read the book or it was just my conjecture that he had. Even if he did not , one thing was absolutely certain that I had written those two‘president maker’ points well in advance by “years”before Obama could actually use them . Evidence suggested that Obama made CHANGE a major point of campaign and a slogan only after the probable date of the receipt of the book although he never acknowledged the receipt which is quite understandable since the book  carried all kinds of political , derogatory and abusive remarks,comments and reactions etc and  it could be damaging to him or could create unnecessary , unwanted controversy about him – a presidential aspirant . But I sincerely believe that he being an author himself it was impossible he threw this book into garbage without having a look into it or without asking his staff (speech writer or advisor)to have a look into it  since it was the only relevant imaginative book in the world about the election 2008  involving   a ‘lady’ candidate ,who incidentally was his ‘major’ rival in the primaries . And if Obama had seen the book and leafed through it ,which in all probability he did ,then I can say with absolute certainty that this book actually “influenced” the presidential election 2008. Although it might sound too tall a claim to be believed ,yet it is true .

To summarise the things,  I sent this book to Mr Barack  Obama as a free gift at the very beginning of his campaign since there was a character in the book called Charak Sudama an African American Senator from Illinois who was picked up as  vice-presidential running mate by  the woman ‘presidential’ candidate in the story of the book.  There were two very very important parts (two speeches based upon ‘anti-war’ stand theme and ‘call for CHANGE’ theme which were in fact the longest  speeches  in the  book)of one of its most important chapters called  ‘Democratic Convention and Beverly Hilton’s Nomination Acceptance Speech.’ This is what Mr Obama  used to his advantage in defeating Hillary Clinton  in primaries . It may be recalled that at the beginning when he announced his intention to fight the election Mr Obama sounded a pigmy or dummy sort of candidate compared to Hillary ,but only to turn into a formidable rival later using precisely the above two points .Their other policies sounded quite similar to each other .He defeated Hillary and himself  became a ‘presidential candidate.’  Thus  my book has in fact “influenced” US presidential election 2008 and consequently the history of the United States. Besides ,it has the potential to further influence another presidential election in 2012  through preventing the incumbent president from seeking a re-election and prompting in a woman ‘candidate’ and leading her to  eventual victory,if all the above facts are publicized in American media  .

I had gone to Hillary’s office ‘as her supporter’ as against Obama . The reasons had been explained in the very PREFACE of the book First Lady President itself . I had decided to disclose one very vital point to the officials there if I found their response encouraging . But I found them dull and disinterested (disinterested not only in me ,but even to promote the cause of Hillary. They were interested only in campaign through poster publicity leaving the rest to Hillary’s own speeches )so I could not disclose it . The point I wanted to tell them was that Obama’s use of war point against Hillary suffered from a severe fault . It was fully flawed and highly vulnerable point which if brought to her ‘personal’ notice could help her regain her lost popularity points .Obama was contending  “Hillary VOTED in ‘favor’ of Iraq war and I  opposed it” meaning he had SPOKEN ‘against’ the war .This was absolutely true,but absolutely flawed point which no one in the Hillary camp could detect and backfire upon him including Hillary herself and her so illustrious , intelligent husband Bill Clinton inspite of their counsellor talents. Obama was comparing two different functions in order to draw his conclusions .It was like comparing long jump with  high jump .Just because both are measured in ‘feet.’He was comparing ‘voting’ in Senate with ‘speaking’ anywhere , may be in a legislative assembly of Illinois . And on the basis of ‘favor’ and ‘against’ he was concluding in his own favor .It was fundamentally wrong and flawed .What no one investigated deeply was that Hillary had  SPOKEN  ‘against’ the war with as much intensity and sincerity as had Obama ,both in and outside Senate, may be even with a ‘greater’ emphasis. But being a Senator she had to ‘vote’one way or the other. She had voted in favor of the war only to “warn” Saddam or to give message to Saddam ,which she made very clear in her speech in the Senate before the voting, that US was  ‘serious’ while attaching vital  conditions to it. Thus  she ensured to raise  hurdles in the  actual start of the war while fully predicting the disaster that might ensue once the war started and which did ensue .She did not mean to start the war but only to ‘warn’ Saddam whereas Obama was projecting as if she was instrumental in starting  the war , and that he was against it because he did not vote there in the Senate.It was a good interpretation that he was making .But he was not there in the Senate at the time. How could he vote ? He was only a member of Illinois legislative assembly and not of Senate at the time. He was not the only one to speak ‘against’ the Iraq war .Almost half of America ‘spoke’ against it like he did including Hillary Clinton , as in fact did  the rest of the world .  It was like a man claiming he was a better athlete than a given woman  because in an earlier athletic race held in a stadium the woman athlete had stumbled and fallen down on a given slippery patch  of the ground   like all other participants in the event did. That HE had not fallen ,so he was a better athlete . But how could he fall ? He was not there in the stadium .He was not even an athlete(Here it meant a ‘national’ politician and a Senator ) at the time  .The point was highly vulnerable in my opinion and by pointing to the flaw Hillary could easily win  the points in the eyes of the American people . It was this point  which had won Obama the very first victory (perhaps in Iowa state) just at the start of the race  embarrassing Hillary (which in fact brought tears to her eyes )who was considered to be a foregone democratic candidate at the time  . She had in fact started her campaign months back through internet interviews etc . It must be recalled that Obama was not a strong entrant at the beginning   ,but  after scoring a victory over Hillary in the very first state he emerged as a formidable challenger .However ,Hillary overturned him in the very next state and maintained thereafter  almost neck to neck fight Obama still keeping a slight lead .The margin of difference between them was very thin in deed and she could have so easily tipped the balance in her own favor which was at a very critical point .She could have easily made Obama an object of fun by putting it in sarcastic terms which she was quite good at .Even “change” theory of Obama could have been beaten by Hillary using a bit of further imaginativeness which she did not lack once prodded properly . He was talking in terms of  ‘changing’ Washington.Unless all the politicians in Washington were changed how could he change Washington ? Could he change Chicago or Illinois state following his election as state assembly member or even Senator ? In fact , no one could change Washington .Hillary with her imaginativeness could make some fun out of it to the detriment of Obama .

One more aspect of the ‘war point’ which  I wanted to bring to the notice of the Hillary officials was the fact that Obama was projecting himself  as an ‘anti-war’ man  citing his opposition ( ‘speaking’ against) to Iraq war , in other words  a ‘man of peace’ vis-à-vis Hillary which was far from the truth . He was repeatedly citing the example and drawing the attention of the American people to the fact of Hillary’s VOTE in Senate in favor of  Iraq war  thus projecting her as a ‘pro-war’ person . He was at the same time  also making a robust promise of  “withdrawal of ALL American forces from Iraq” which  Hillary was also doing .But Obama,being bolder and showing greater confidence, was making TWO  additional promises which Hillary was NOT doing.She was showing restraint and better diplomatic understanding . He was asserting that he would withdraw all the  forces from Iraq  and   send them with marching orders straight to Afghanistan where they were actually needed . Then, he was making another promise of  far reaching , far greater and far graver consequences . He promised “If  Musharraf  (the president of Pakistan)does not fight the terrorists , I will send American forces to fight them.” In other words , if he was good at his word , he was declaring ‘another war’ in still another country- a country armed with far better fighting power than Iraq had, with  far worse (a bolder)record in aiding and abetting terrorism than Iraq had and  certainly  with a proven record of  nuclear  capability unlike Iraq (and even Iran ) where there was only an “apprehension” as also  with a proven ,solid ,sordid  record of transferring the dangerous nuclear knowhow to ‘anyone’ they thought fit . He was virtually ‘declaring’ another war (A PROMISE HE WAS LIKELY TO KEEP WELL )  which Hillary was NOT . In still another words, whereas Obama was promising to bring one war to an end (but at the same time) he was promising to virtually start another one of his  own or was promising to give altogether new , worse dimension to an existing one which equaled to starting another one . Unfortunately , nobody was paying any attention to such a grave statement of Obama including the American media . They were all taking it as an election stunt or a joke  which it was not . It was a VERY GRAVE  DECLARATION  OF FAR REACHING CONSEQUENCES  that  could lead to another Vietnam  / Iraq war  type ‘disaster’ ,and might even be far worse namely  ‘OPENING THE  POSSIBILITY  of a nuclear attack upon the United States.’

Even the above statement of Obama (“If Musharraf does not fight the terrorists I will send  American forces into Pakistan to fight them .”) appears to be the direct result of his deeper study of chapter number 26 titled “General Hargej Khurapati” of this book only wherein it was made abundantly clear how the military regime of Pakistan was quite  hand in glove with the terrorists and how it was playing a farce of  double game of mocking to fight terror with the western powers but actually was using their aid and money to strengthen the terrorists both in Pakistan and Afghanistan .This serves as one more evidence that Mr Obama or his staff did read this book .

There was a very serious need of bringing all these above points to the ‘personal’ notice of Hillary Clinton the rival of Obama in the primaries .If Hillary’s officials had taken ME seriously  the outcome would have been definitely dramatic and  different .Today the president of the United States would be Hillary Clinton and not Mr Obama . But he would have certainly become the vice president any way , precisely on the lines suggested in the book . Now Mr Obama as the president will certainly  keep his promise of  attacking Pakistan .

While I was at NY looking for an opportunity to highlight my book and my own story of  writing this book  I came across a very bizarre but interesting incident . I was at one small public library in Queens where a brawl broke out between an African American  young man and a white man .The african american person was very bold and defiant sort of man challenging  his rival the white man .The issue was a very petty one ,but the white man was threatening he knew the mayor Bloomberg or whatever his name . That he   would call the police and straighten out what he accused was a "miscreant." The african american man sat at one table  defiantly and challenged him to call the police .This man -the white man actually called the police, but before they arrived the defiant man had already left for good and disappeared .To me personally it was very interesting . I had  witnessed for the first time a verbal fight between two Americans belonging to two different races .Somehow ,the white man interested me as he sounded law abiding sort of person  and also a man of action, although the african American  man too sounded a ‘hero’ sort of guy to me who was not ready to take any dictation from the white man . I silently approached the white man whose name later I discovered as  Edward  Manfredonia (residential phone : 917-608-9083 , Email :  and asked him if I could interact with him .At the instance he rather sounded rough and scolded me for disturbing him, but asked me to wait and see him later . After a few minutes he called me and came out of the library . I followed him . Once outside and settled on a bench I told him about me and my book. I asked him if he could help me through his  contacts at  any newspaper or electronic media . He immediately talked to a journalist on phone and fixed my appointment with Black Star News. Truly , a man of action . I am very thankful to him .

Later, it so transpired that the newspaper interviewed me and in fact decided to make a video movie in three parts about  me and my book. I was interviewed by their woman journalist named Neanda (cell number : 917-330-8604).They shot two parts (which are in my possession ) and the third part that was to be shot later which was their  sponsored  my first ever  meeting with my editorMichael Burchet (cell : 864-414-2801). But for that either we as a team were to go to Greenville , South Carolina to meet Michael or He was to be called to NY. But precisely in those very days came the economic downturn with disastrous consequences .The newspaper cancelled the remaining project- the third part of the video movie .

 Another not so well known newspaper Carribean NewYorker carried my story  . This paper took up my story because the editor of the newspaper Mr Nala Singham ( phone : 718-812-5000 )was of the Indian origin and he was convinced about the merit of my work .He also published my views about the real world US presidential contest 2008 .

While I was personally  in Denver  attending the Democratic party convention in order  to witness with my own eyes the difference between my imagination and the reality I came across a very interesting incident . After having attended the Obama Hillary proceedings (from outside the convention hall ) after having attended the meet of ethnic Indian Obama supporter delegates I decided to go to the office of senator McCain the republican candidate .On my way to the office in the bus  ,unfortunately, I was mistaken ,because of my turban dress, for an “Asian terrorist looking man” and the African American woman driver of the bus I was traveling in diverted (since I had, in the course of the inquiry , as to where I was to be dropped,  told her about my destination – election office of Sen.McCain) the bus to a nearby military cantonment and alerted the military and they in turn the police . After having got down from the bus,as I was hurrying on foot toward the office as guided by the army guards at the cantonment lest it could get dark as the Sun was setting,I was suddenly surrounded by police cars and pistol totting policemen .However , I kept my cool imagining myself to be shot dead by those white ,tall , gun trotting guys at the slightest movement or by pretending any  ‘smart’  move and could eventually convince them beyond doubt that I was a ‘gentleman’and that I had nothing to do with the “threats to the life of Sen. McCain” as they were suspecting .

Embarassed as the policemen were they apologized and left me alone to my great relief . By that time it got dark and I actually  lost my way .Just fortunately , I was picked up by a man from Senator’s election office and arrived there. Pal of dark had already set in .I explained my points to the officials there what I thought could be useful to them too out of my book and outside it . At the end ,one of them asked me ,“If you are such a prophet you tell us who would be the vice-presidential running mate of Sen. McCain?” At that point of time the running mate had not been announced. It was being expected in the following week or so . I contended I was no prophet,but one thing was certain “in First Lady President it is a     WHITE LADY who becomes vice presidential running mate.” The man who asked me the question released a sigh and said , “Sorry , no chance.” It  was a hint that my prophecy would clearly peter out into a flopshow .Actually , no lady was there in the picture in the calculations of the most of the Americans . They were all men.But  McCain pulled the greatest surprise of the election by picking up Sarah Palin as his running mate .It happened the very following week . I was satisfied somehow my prophetic guesswork had hit the bull .

THE  POINTS   AS  VISUALIZED  BY   THE AUTHOR  IN   THE  BOOK ‘FIRST LADY PRESIDENT’  THAT  LARGELY CAME TRUE  in US presidential election 2008.The book was initially  written back in  May 2003 and  was  revised at the beginning of 2006  although it was mooted in the year 2000.

1.FREEDOM did take leaps forward in the form of the rise of two ‘deprived’sections of  American society namely women and African Americans ‘simultaneously’as serious candidates competing for the most powerful post in the world –their highest political post—the presidency of the United States. I had provided this in the very PREFACE of the book explaining in detail –clarifying why I wrote the book in the first place .It was to promote freedom.

2.A ‘lady’did rise as a serious presidential candidate .This prediction had  six elements in itself .
(a)She would rise in ‘democratic party.’
(b)She would be ‘white’woman.
(c)She would be a ‘former first lady.’
(d)She would be a ‘senator.’
(e)She would be senator from ‘Newyork.’
(f)There was a broad hint of who possibly could it be by naming the character as Beverly Hilton .

All the  six elements came true .

3.An African American person also did rise in the presidential election .This had five elements .
(a)The person would be a ‘man.’
(b)He too would be a ‘senator.’
(c)He would be senator from ‘Illinois.’
(d)He would rise in ‘democratic party.’
(e)There was a broad hint of specific name too as the character was named Charak Sudama an Indian sounding name . 
All the five elements came true. 
4.The lady did drop the hints of her offer to the African American rival man, as reported in the media , to pick him as her vice presidential running mate ,but only to be politely spurned which was evident by his relentless pursuit and media interviews .
 5. Republican party did field a  person of  prominent “military background” as presidential candidate.
 6. The Republican presidential candidate did pick up a “white woman” as vice presidential candidate .
 7. “War Issue” did become a major point of debate between the rivals within the democratic party and then between the presidential candidates of both the parties .

8.The black man did adopt an “anti war” stand  as visualized in the book .He did deliver speeches emphasizing his stand and convinced  the audience that in fact his lady rival was a pro-war person citing her vote in the Senate .This proved to be a major point in tilting  the public opinion in his favor  and against her .

9.The African American candidate issued a statement regarding ‘starting  negotiations with Iran ,Syria and North Korea without any preconditions’precisely on the lines suggested in the “anti-war” speech visualized in the book .As if inspired by the book . Since this is the only major portion of the speech which was  highlighted in the book in bold letters. And this was the longest in the book .

10.Call for CHANGE did become a major point of appeal to the electorate although it was used by the democratic African American candidate instead of his lady rival as visualized in the book .

In fact , ‘call for change’ and ‘anti war  stand’  -these were the two major points on the basis of which Obama defeated Hillary in the primaries  .Without defeating Hillary he could not become the presidential  ‘candidate’ and consequently the president . And these points made two major portions of one of the most vital chapters (chapter 9 ) of the book namely “Democratic  convention and Beverly Hilton’s Nomination Acceptance Speech.” This is a great coincidence that these so vital –‘president maker’ points had been so well mentioned in the book by the author so well in advance .As if the candidate had been “inspired” by the book (Because  the book was supposed to be in his possession since April 2007 having been sent by the author to his Senate Address. Having received the book and Barack Obama  being an author and a councellor mind himself  it was impossible he would ignore it since it was the most  relevant “imaginative work” about who was his greatest rival in the field ).

11.In the story of the book as the presidential election process advances in USA and the prospects of a Democratic party candidate’s victory becomes bright  the military dictatorship in Pakistan comes to an end paving the way for a democratic regime .This was precisely what  happened through real events .

12.Whereas the religious and  political leaders of  Pakistan  directly or indirectly indulged in hate politics  exporting terror in the world  (Chapter 26) the religious leaders from India – saints and gyanis etc continued to give the message of peace, love and compassion across the world as evident in the chapter 25 .

13.The combined might of the lady and the African American candidate defeated  the Republican party by record votes . In reality the lady instead of being the part of the two person team supported the African American man from outside . Yet her support was there and it was quite vital for the victory.

14. A “record breaking” gathering of over a million strong did attend the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected “Democratic” president . In the book the lady became the president and the African American man as the vice president . But in reality the African American  became the president instead .But the gathering strength was similar even greater  to what was imagined in the book .

15.Since his becoming the president Obama ,as envisioned in the book’s speech , has in deed taken a few “diplomatic initiatives” in a number of “regions” as mentioned above including with Iran , Syria and North Korea only to be spurned by the otherside in the most of the cases .It did not do much good except to win him a  Nobel Prize for “peace”without  accomplishing anything tangible in respect to peace anywhere in the world .It was given on the basis of “hope.” Lucky guy in deed.

Thus if we count in all over 25 points or counts of my pure imagination as provided in the fiction First Lady President came true in the real world through real events .


1.The white lady in democratic party could not get elected as the president .This was the greatest upsetting point about the book .She was defeated in the primaries by the African American man ,but  only through using the two important points as mentioned in the book  against the lady. However ,she did remain a vital supporter of the African American candidate in the real world .
In the book ‘anti-war’ stand she learns from the African American man ,but ‘call for CHANGE’ is her own argument as reflected in her nomination acceptance speech .In the real world both are effectively used by the African American man to defeat his rival the lady in the democratic party in the primaries and then the rival in the republican party in the general election .
2.An African American man did not rise in Republican party as a presidential candidate .


1.He has become over these past ten years the most important man in the world for me after my family members and near relatives .

2.He edited and initially published in USA two of my books The Ultimate Defense and First Lady President  WITHOUT CHARGING A  SINGLE PENNY . His one is an unparalleled and unique example of co-operation without selfish motives in the annals of Indo-American relations through the ‘common citizens’.

3.I have been twice to USA . It has been my experience . If you ask anybody to spare two minutes you  are likely to get a simple reply : “ I have no time .” It is almost impossible to visualize any one working for you devoting his time without charging money . Even spending his own money along with time without any significant expectation and without entering into any formal agreement or something .And so it is impossible to believe that an American can work for an ‘unknown’ Indian man living on the other side of the globe for ten long years without charging anything at all . Michael’s story is truly amazing and incredible one.

4. I have NEVER personally met him so far up to today (10 July 2010)
 I have never seen him either, not even while standing at a distance. I have only seen two of his photos and talked to him for the first time on phone back in 2004 while I was at NY. I have since then hardly talked 3-4 more times only for a few minutes in all.

5. Much as I wished to see such a unique and unparalled man in my life, but I never could get a chance .He was the only one in the whole world among the six billion people on this planet who stood by me in the hour of my need  and such a critical need . He stood by me and he stood steadfastly encouraging and guiding me all along .He appreciated my , what he called “ talents and single minded determination.” He trusted me and he trusted my talents and at times tolerated my accentricities . He is just amazing person  as far as I am concerned .During my second trip to US in 2008 there came an opportunity when I had a  real chance of seeing him for the first time .Black Star News of NY wanted to cover our unique story .They arranged for two interviews with me and the third was supposed to be a joint one based upon  my first ever meeting with Michael .But it had to be put off since the American economy crashed in those very days leading to the cancellation of the remaining project .


This book was read by Shashi Tharoor the famous Indian author and the former UN Under Secretary General (who was fielded for Secretary General later by India on retirement of Koffe Annan ), now a minister in the union cabinet of India(has recently resigned from the cabinet ).He told me that the book could not be a success unless picked up by a big publisher and that it could not be picked up by any of the big name publishers in US just because, as put by him, “it was so close to   reality.” But I think there he is not right. On the contrary, just the reverse is true .It should be picked up by a big publisher/should be a success  precisely for that reason. Because it was written so much IN ADVANCE  and that the author had the vision to visualize the  future real events in the form of a ‘fiction’ with such an unusual precision that even Shashi Tharoor – one of its readers had to admit it was so close to reality .It will help tremendously in the publicity of the book .I am convinced beyond any doubt that First Lady President if picked up by an imaginative publisher ,and if the care is taken to  highlight all the foregoing points through intense media publicity, it can be made even now a reasonably good commercial success .In fact , it could well be , as suggested by Michael to me years back, “in later years” that is  NOW. This could be really the right time for it .As there is a good possibility, most likely both the parties, but at least one party, will field a “lady” candidate for the first time in American presidential election history in the election 2012.And that could help capture  the imagination of the American people and thereby help click a commercial success for First Lady President . It is possible that an intense publicity of the book through all above facts  would prevent Mr Obama from attempting  re-election  and prompt in Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate leading to her victory in 2012 .Thus it will 'influence' another US presidential election . It is quite possible .

I am thankful to the very idea of writing this book(which occurred to me back in the year 2000 on the victory of George W Bush) which took me around to USA “twice” (my first ever visit to any foreign country) which remains to be a mere DREAM for the most of the people in India. I have lived in USA for over eight months in those two visits gaining invaluable experience of life. Best of all, to my own amazement,I had both the visits 'almost' absolutely free of cost.Thanks to the help of three Indians back home and ethnic Indians in USA.  Michael and a number of other friends have suggested me to write full book on how I really managed it all .It also helped me consolidate my so invaluable friendship with Michael Burchet. What a miracle it was – the idea of First Lady President! I am fully convinced it could well turn out to be as good a ‘miracle’ for the publisher too if he/she has the imaginative mind and resources to pursue it properly.


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Pl do see my photos presenting copies of First Lady President to Shashi Tharoor at UNO , to president Helen Marshall and Congressman Crawley at their respective offices. Just click the link on top right about my NY visit 2004. It proves the book in fact was written in 2003 originally.


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