A journey through my "odd" ideas & intuitions, and the deliveries of DESTINY:


I didn’t write my intuitions / premonitions precisely in the form of "predictions." I wrote the most of those events instead in the form of fiction. However, through odd strokes of fate, a good number of them found their way to become realities.

I wrote my first book Alternative to Churchill – The Eternal Bondage back in 1993 and published it in 1995. In it, I described an alternative history of World War II and the aftermath without the rise of Churchill to the post of the British  PM. The sequence of events in the story are that Churchill fails to rise to the post, Britain surrenders to Hitler, and democracy and freedom are naturally destroyed. Then Russia is attacked and forced to surrender. Eventually the US is surrounded and attacked on both sides of the North American continent, but she offers stiff resistance. In order to force her surrender, Hitler decides to drop atomic bombs simultaneously on two cities on both sides of the continent, in New York on the East and in San Francisco on the West. In New York, Nazi planes choose to hit Manhattan at zero hours at the same spot which was to turn under real history into ground zero one day where the twin towers of the World Trade Center were to be built up. The relevant description in the book under a chapter titled "dropping of  atomic bombs on USA" on page 101 line 8 reads:
“The bomber escorted by four fighters had suddenly gained height and the team moved slowly over the city of NewYork .After crossing the statue of liberty when it was right over Manhattan that the great bird released the  ‘doom’. The dropping came down right over the point where the twin towers of World Trade Center are situated under the real conditions.” 
It may be noted that the bomb dropped was named "doom." Only one sentence prior to the dropping of the bomb it was mentioned " when the zero hour struck" implying when the hour of doom arrived. Translation of it into Hindi would be "jab pralay ki ghadi aayee." Probably in the entire book of 315 pages the word "zero" has been used only at this place . The author was surprised to discover when he visited this spot in September 2004 that this has been named as "groundzero." It converted literally into Hindi will translate into "shoonyasthal" meaning "spot of nothingness" which will not be a right conversion . It's correct translation would be "pralaysthal" meaning "spot of doom" or "doomspot." The elements of similarity are very striking and amazing indeed.
 Now it is for the reader to decide how this odd imagination turned out to be a prophecy.
                              *                         *                       *
 Back in 1998 I was watching BBC world news, when suddenly U.S. president Clinton made an odd admission that he had earlier lied to the American people about his relationship with Miss Lewinsky. That was a disclosure which prompted me to guess outrightly that it would lead to the president’s impeachment, and perhaps his ouster from office.  Therefore, I began to prepare the defense of the president -- partly as an intellectual exercise, and partly as an effort to provide some humble advice to assist this great leader with rehabilitating his image. I thus wrote a book, which I called   Ultimate Defense Against Impeachment. Written between September 15 and October 31, 1998, it is a novel based upon real events and real people -- the names which were then appearing in the media. In the novella I imagined what might have happened, beginning with the first contact of Miss Lewinsky with the president,  through the love process, uncovering the scandal, the appointment of the special prosecutor and the proceedings to the possible impeachment process, and finally the way out for the president.

It was all imaginary, but based upon the tidbids appearing in local Indian newspapers and on BBC TV including the entire debate in the Houses and the president’s success in saving himself from removal from office. But time has proven that most of the events surmised in the book did actually take place, in some form or another. Any reader well versed in the real events related to the scandal and the consequent proceedings thereof, upon reading the story, would suspect as if the book had been written AFTER the real events. But the fact remains that it was authored PRIOR to those events. I have given a "tale of the tale" of writing this book in the American edition, wherein I have mentioned certain dates which can be verified by the evidentiary record and by any investigative journalist. I had, in fact, sent one copy of the Indian edition of the book to the president well in time to use it in his defense, as also to the chief justice who was presiding over the proceedings and to the prominent senators and congressmen figuring therein. I did it all while my late father was on his death bad. This was PRIOR to the actual impeachment proceedings that started in the Congress.

There was an interesting point mentioned therein on the page 79 of the Indian edition, page 60 of the American edition in bold letters about Indian politics. While praising the Indian democracy I mentioned, “but in India, quite possibly in next general election or even sooner, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi – a lady, a widow, born and brought up in a foreign land naturalized in India nearing her 30s, and belonging to a religious minority – would become the prime minister of India with the full support of masses.” This intuition, which occurred to me back in October 1998, almost came true in 2004, with the only difference being that she refused to accept the post  with a gentle stroke of the fore-tip of her right foot. 
My destiny has also held true to the story, as outlined in the chapter "The Turbaned Man" about the title of the book on page 80 of the Indian edition and the page 60 of American edition, which was titled simply The Ultimate Defense. 
                                   *                       *                     *   
 In the year 2000 there was a presidential election in USA between Democrat Al Gore and Republican George W Bush. Being always especially interested in American politics and thereby in their presidential election, I sent out two dispatches to my publisher, one for each of the above candidates. My publisher posted them both on the the Web at that time  (It has since been removed from there by the editor.) under the title "India Notebook" at: http//
The dispatch for George W Bush is under the sub-heading  “An Indian’s Advise to the American electorate.” It began with the comment: “I wish to caution Americans: make no mistake. In the event of the election of George W Bush to the presidency of the United States there is certainly going  to be another round of the “Gulf War”. ……. (Further) ………. And in the event of a second round the elimination of the Iraqi dictator from the Arab scene is also certain.” I need not mention anything about the precision of the above prediction. And the prediction didn’t end there. It continued : “I sincerely believe that even if Saddam, in view of the potential danger to his existence restrained himself and offered the younger Bush no provocation, George W Bush in turn is likely to manoeuvre Saddam into making one, thus clearing the road for a second round of armed conflict.” 
And this too came true in the form of the manoeuvre made in the name of finding WMD.

I had attached it all to one condition. “PROVIDED HE WINS THE PRESIDENCY ,”  It was put in all-caps in order to signify the skepticism (doubtfulness) about  his "decisive" victory. I would certainly not claim that it was due to my writing, but for one of the few times in American history a president was declared "elected" without a decisive victory. On the contrary, the majority of the Americans are still of the view that the real winner was Gore. But due to technical reasons results were declared in favor of Bush.
The last Para read: “I therefore trust that Saddam is a factor to be reckoned with for the American voter while choosing between the two contenders as to whether they want another serious round of the Gulf War ……… (Further) ………. In other words, George W Bush as president means Gulf war II. Americans, please be prepared for that. Make no mistake. It is not a casual prediction. It is a CERTAINTY which I can read on the wall.”
Now it is for the reader to decide how deadly accurate was my intutuion about this prediction .
                                            *                         *                         *
Back in the year 2000, following George W. Bush’s victory in the election for the US presidency I developed a very strong hunch in my mind that the defeat of the Clinton-sponsored candidate (his vice-president Al Gore) was not the end in itself, that Clinton would rise once again in the highest American politics precisely the way his predecessor George Bush (Senior) did, with a marked difference of gender and relationship. Whereas George Bush had succeeded in making a comeback through his own blood – namely his son "W,” Clinton would make it through his wife – Hillary. This intuition became stronger and stronger and stronger in my mind with each passing day beginning with the defeat of Clinton candidate Al Gore. It became so strong and heavy that I could no longer hold it with me. I had to pass it on to my publisher with a revelation that I intended to write a book in the future entitled – First Lady PRESIDENT is first LADY PRESIDENT. In due course following due consideration I changed it to First Lady President, highlighting the double meaning of the original title through font and color. I, however, wanted his consent for editing and publication, without the hope and promise of which I didn’t have intention to write.

Fortunately, my publisher though welcomed my proposal, but was not sure if he would, in view of his hard pressings of making a living, get time and resources to do so. With this exchange the things died down and I nearly forgot it for three long years. Suddenly, one fine morning in May 2003 following the attack of the USA on Iraq, the notion of a female American president came out of hibernation and once again began to crawl in my mind, and I contacted my publisher to confirm whether he was prepared to edit the proposed book. Surprisingly enough, he promptly -- the very next day -- replied in the affirmative. The thought had already triggered my mind, so I began to write the story. It came to me in pieces, which I began to pass on to my publisher. I think I nearly completed the rough draft of the book within one month, except for 2 -3 pieces which I sent later. I asked my publisher to hurry up in editing to complete within one month -- a task which proved impossible. However, by the end of September 2003 he edited all the pieces and pieced them together in order to make it a continuous coherent story. Finally, First Lady President was ready for publication. It took another 8 months to bring it into printed form due to financial considerations, but by May 2004 it was ready.

The plots of her ascendancy, the forces to prevent her rise, her opponents’ willingness to resort to the worst vocabulary of profanity at their command, the competitors in the rival party and their venom to be discharged upon her, hers and her opponent’s speeches at various places and their respective stands on the national and international issues, the media interviews of both of them, her extraordinary wit and charm, finally, her victory, weapons of mass destruction, a war in a middle east country etc. everything was there in the book. Though ostensibly a work of fiction, its characters were quite similar to the real-life figures in American politics. Yet it was only fiction . The events described there were all in then the future.

The central thought of the book indicating those future events was that a lady for the first time in history would succeed in getting herself  elected to the presidency of the United States. The central theme of The Ultimate Defense was that despite the scandal and the best efforts of his detractors, president Clinton would succeed in saving himself from being driven out of the White House. I believe that destiny did deliver on my intuition, and the resultant prediction about president Clinton’s dilemma and his escape as described in The Ultimate Defense. It WILL do so in case of First Lady President as well.


My latest and the most fantastic intuition was about the book First Lady President, . Ever since this book was published in Sept. 2003 I have been writing to my publisher, although with a sense of modesty , that this book had the potential to “influence” a presidential election and in fact it did so , although not precisely the way I wanted . I wanted it to promote freedom through the promotion of  the cause of two  sections of American society in turn i.e. namely the promotion of  women and african Americans  as two most glaring ‘ignored’ groups in US presidential election with a priority to ladies  first . But destiny decided it in the otherway around . It gave priority to african Americans over women . It so happened that this was , ironically , brought about by the use of this book itself. It might sound incredulous , yet it was  true .Mr Obama to whom I  sent this book at the start of  his campaign appeared to have used it’s contents to bring down the most potential and only woman rival-Hillary Clinton  in the primaries . Then he followed its use in the general election  to defeat his rival Mr McCain and he got himself elected the president .Thus the book did ‘influence’ the events of the election . If so , then it can safely be said that this book has in fact ‘influenced’ the history of the United States . 
THE  POINTS   AS  VISUALIZED  BY   THE AUTHOR  IN   THE  BOOK ‘FIRST LADY PRESIDENT’  THAT  LARGELY CAME TRUE  in US presidential election 2008.The book was initially  written back in  May 2003 and  was  revised at the beginning of 2006  although it was mooted in the year 2000.
1.FREEDOM did take leaps forward in the form of the rise of two ‘deprived’sections of  American society namely women and African Americans ‘simultaneously’as serious candidates competing for the most powerful post in the world –their highest political post—the presidency of the United States. I had provided this in the very PREFACE of the book explaining in detail –clarifying why I wrote the book in the first place .It was to promote freedom. 
2.A ‘lady’did rise as a serious presidential candidate .This prediction had  six elements in itself .
(a)She would rise in ‘democratic party.’
(b)She would be ‘white’woman.
(c)She would be a ‘former first lady.’
(d)She would be a ‘senator.’
(e)She would be senator from ‘Newyork.’
(f)There was a broad hint of who possibly could it be by naming the character as Beverly Hilton .
 All the  six elements came true .
3.An African American person also did rise in the presidential election .This had five elements .
(a)The person would be a ‘man.’
(b)He too would be a ‘senator.’
(c)He would be senator from ‘Illinois.’
(d)He would rise in ‘democratic party.’
(e)There was a broad hint of specific name too as the character was named Charak Sudama an Indian sounding name . 
All the five elements came true. 
4.The lady did drop the hints of her offer to the African American rival man, as reported in the media , to pick him as her vice presidential running mate ,but only to be politely spurned which was evident by his relentless pursuit and media interviews .
 5. Republican party did field a  person of  prominent “military background” as presidential candidate.
 6. The Republican presidential candidate did pick up a “white woman” as vice presidential candidate .
 7. “War Issue” did become a major point of debate between the rivals within the democratic party and then between the presidential candidates of both the parties .
 8.The black man did adopt an “anti war” stand  as visualized in the book .He did deliver speeches emphasizing his stand and convinced  the audience that in fact his lady rival was a pro-war person citing her vote in the Senate .This proved to be a major point in tilting  the public opinion in his favor  and against her .
 9.The African American candidate issued a statement regarding ‘starting  negotiations with Iran ,Syria and North Korea without any preconditions’precisely on the lines suggested in the “anti-war” speech visualized in the book .As if inspired by the book . Since this is the only major portion of the speech which was  highlighted in the book in bold letters. And this was the longest in the book .
 10.Call for CHANGE did become a major point of appeal to the electorate although it was used by the democratic African American candidate instead of his lady rival as visualized in the book .
 In fact , ‘call for change’ and ‘anti war  stand’  -these were the two major points on the basis of which Obama defeated Hillary in the primaries  .Without defeating Hillary he could not become the presidential  ‘candidate’ and consequently the president . And these points made two major portions of one of the most vital chapters (chapter 9 ) of the book namely “Democratic  convention and Beverly Hilton’s Nomination Acceptance Speech.”
This is a great coincidence that these so vital –‘president maker’ points had been so well mentioned in the book by the author so well in advance .As if the candidate had been “inspired” by the book (Because  the book was supposed to be in his possession since April 2007 having been sent by the author to his Senate Address. Having received the book and Barack Obama  being an author and a councellor mind himself  it was impossible he would ignore it since it was the most  relevant “imaginative work” about who was his greatest rival in the field ).
 11.In the story of the book as the presidential election process advances in USA and the prospects of a Democratic party candidate’s victory becomes bright  the military dictatorship in Pakistan comes to an end paving the way for a democratic regime .This was precisely what  happened through real events .
 12.Whereas the religious and  political leaders of  Pakistan  directly or indirectly indulged in hate politics  exporting terror in the world  (Chapter 26) the religious leaders from India – saints and gyanis etc continued to give the message of peace, love and compassion across the world as evident in the chapter 25 .
 13.The combined might of the lady and the African American candidate defeated  the Republican party by record votes . In reality the lady instead of being the part of the two person team supported the African American man from outside . Yet her support was there and it was quite vital for the victory.
14. A “record breaking” gathering of over a million strong did attend the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected “Democratic” president . In the book the lady became the president and the African American man as the vice president . But in reality the African American  became the president instead .But the gathering strength was similar even greater  to what was imagined in the book .
 15.Since his becoming the president Obama ,as envisioned in the book’s speech , has in deed taken a few “diplomatic initiatives” in a number of “regions” as mentioned above including with Iran , Syria and North Korea only to be spurned by the otherside in the most of the cases .It did not do much good except to win him a  Nobel Prize for “peace”without  accomplishing anything tangible in respect to peace anywhere in the world .It was given on the basis of “hope.” Lucky guy in deed.
 Thus if we count in all over 25 points or counts of my pure imagination as provided in the fiction First Lady President came true in the real world through real events .


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