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First Lady President - READY IN USA

A book entitled First Lady President was published in USA by Iuniverse in the first quarter of the year 2008. Earlier it was revised and self published by its author Inder Dan Ratnu a resident of Vaishalinagar , Jaipur in 2007 ,but it was edited by an ‘American.’ It was originally published back in May 2003 by Terraplane Publications, Greenville, South Carolina, USA. It is a novel – a fiction with the chief character modelled after Hillary Clinton of USA. The other character Charak Sudama is similar to Barack Obama .Similarly other characters quite resemble some real life figures in politics and other fields .

This book, although written in the past tense,was in fact a vision into the future. This has been written by the author to promote the cause of freedom by visualizing a woman to be elected to the most powerful post of the world that is the presidency of the United States, which has never actually happened to date. It is a story detailing her rise, first within the democratic party as the front runner, and then to the office of President of USA. It includes her entire presidential election campaign, her victory by a record-breaking margin, and her inauguration ceremony.

The author has prepared a special website exclusively for this book: Pl .check the links ‘Past Predictions’, ‘Details & Evidence’ and ‘Photo gallery’ in order to understand the claim of the author how this book actually ‘influenced’ US presidential election 2008 and could possibly do so in 2012 . The evidence suggests that Barack Obama used it to defeat once forgone candidate Hillary Clinton in the primaries and later his republican rival in the general election 2008 .

This book can be ordered directly to its publisher Iuniverse or to the bookstores namely Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. The price of the book is Rs 1100/= or US Dollars 17.95 for paperback and US Dollars 6 for soft coy .The book has 273 pages in all .

Author Inder Dan Ratnu has been writing on Winston Churchill and the American politics for the past 20 years .This is his second book on American politics with a futuristic angle . A graduate from Agriculture College JOBNER near Jaipur, Ratnu is originally from village Barath Ka Gaon, Tehsil Pokaran, of Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan state of India .. His earlier works on Churchill were duly recognized and reviewed by The Churchill Center, Washington, DC, USA and also by Shashi Tharoor --once an Indian candidate for the post of Secretary General of UNO who invited him to the UNO in October 2004.


Paperback  :      17.95$ only
Softcopy     :      6.00 $ only

Total Pages :- 273


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