The book First Lady President is a work of fiction running over 273 pages; yet upon going through the very first page, one would realize that its chief character – Beverly Hilton, a former First Lady and twice elected US Senator -- is somewhat similar to Hillary Clinton of USA.

This is a story of her presidential election campaign, her victory by a record-breaking margin, and finally her swearing-in ceremony and inauguration at Capitol Hill on January 20th of some unspecified year in the early twenty-first century. In the story of the book for the first time the presidential contest is between one woman, a nominated candidate of the Democratic party, and an African American man, a former Secretary of State and a retired General of the US Armed Forces – a Republican candidate, Mr Nigel Robinson. Earlier in the primaries, Beverly Hilton is challenged by another black man of her own party – a Senator from Illinois, Mr Charak Sudama. But she prevails, and makes him her Vice-Presidential running mate in the election.

First Lady President details the gradual rise of the both major-party candidates from their relative humble backgrounds to the stage of their candidacies. Beverly Hilton had been touted as a presidential candidate for quite some time, but the rise of Nigel Robinson as a candidate was sudden and unexpected. It was, in fact, the outcome of a struggle within the Republican party. The incumbent Republican President Crawford A. Hardwick wanted Dr. Maccadaymia White. his African American lady Secretary of State, to be floated and finally fielded as a presidential candidate to confront Beverly Hilton. But the elders of the party, who were not in favor of his choice, oppose it and prevail. Nigel Robinson thus emerges as a compromise candidate. Nigel Robinson in turn choses a white lady, the wife of an earlier defeated Republican presidential candidate, as his vice- presidential running mate to checkmate the extraordinary advance of his opponent because of her gender. Thus emerges an unprecedented equation in a presidential contest: both parties fielding both a female candidate and an African American candidate for either of the two top slots of the nation. Thus the election becomes an unusual and an historical one indeed.

The story covers the conventions of both parties, the nomination of each candidate, their nomination acceptance speeches, and the reactions of the common people toward their respective candidacies. It also follows the accusations, counter-accusations, and election campaign speeches of both candidates at various venues and on various issues, including the burning issues of the war on terror, a war in a middle eastern country, weapons of mass destruction, the use of military force, involvement of the UN , and domestic issues like education, social security, and health care. The story includes the live TV debate of the two rival candidates and their interviews with various media outlets .

Beverly Hilton’s inauguration following her landslide victory is overshadowed by a terrorist threat of disrupting the ceremony; but it all passes peacefully consequent of unprecedented security measures and an unprecedented gathering of Americans to hear their new leader’s inaugural address at the Capitol. Finally, Beverly Hilton the incumbent president, and her husband, former president Tad Hilton, that evening "celebrate" their FOURTH “honeymoon” at the White House -- which in fact is a new beginning, and returns the reader to the BEGINNING of the book .


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